Creating & editing annotations

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Creating annotations

With the sidebar open, you can create a new annotation with the "Create Annotation" option of the Annotations menu. If there is a region of the document selected, then that region will be annotated; otherwise the entire document will be annotated.

Alternatively, you can select a region of the document in the main window, and select "Annotate current selection" from the context (right-click) menu.

The menu options allow you to create bold, italic, or underlined text, unordered (bulleted) or ordered lists. The built-in spelling checker is supported in Firefox 2 and above.

Figure 1 - Editor window in Firefox 1.5 with Spellbound extension installed

Editing annotations

After loading the list of annotations in the sidebar, you can select "Edit annotation body" from the right-click (context menu). The interface is essentially the same as that used when creating annotations.