Annozilla Servers

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Servers in Annozilla

Annozilla works by sending and receiving annotations from specified servers. There are two types of server, Remote Servers and Local Servers.

Figure 1 - Server options panel selected in Firefox.

Remote Servers

A Remote Server is contacted using http. It can be located on the internet, or on a local computer. It will allow the user to save and load annotations stored at a specified location (URL).

In order to use a Remote Server, you will need to know this URL, and to have set up an account with a username and password.

Note: The W3C maintain a test server at

Local Servers

A Local Server saves its annotations onto the local hard disk. Annotations saved to a Local Server cannot be shared with other users.

A Local Server is provided with Annozilla.

Setting up servers

Before you load any annotations, you must set up the servers which you will use to load and save annotations. These are accessed under the Server Options section of the annozilla preferences.

The easiest way to use Annozilla is to choose between a Local Server and a Remote Server. More advanced options are also available and are described below.

To select a single server, just choose the type in this window, and, for a Remote Server, enter its URL.

Note: Previous versions of Annozilla required you to enter your username and password for a Remote Server. This has been removed from the Annozilla extension, and username/password handling will be performed by your browser.

Multiple Servers

For more advanced options, you can configure Annozilla to use multiple servers. In this case, you can add or remove servers from a list, and choose which is the default server to which annotations will be saved.