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Future releases of Annozilla (probably from 0.4 upwards) will have a somewhat different appearance, with some additional functionality.

Using Annozilla

The sidebar will be implemented in XUL rather than HTML. This should give a better user interface.

XUL sidebar

This demonstrates the following functionality:

Creating annotations will use a graphical editor based on Mozilla's Composer, instead of a plain-text entry field.

HTML editing widget

It is also possible to check for replies in the sidebar.


Setting your preferences

The preferences will be split across three panels, mainly because the User Options panel needs some more space:

New User Preferences window New General Preferences window New Language Preferences window

Towards the future...

I hope to include provision for annotating SVG and MathML. Here's the first SVG screenshot, displaying some success when annotating a purely SVG document using an SVG-enabled build of Mozilla.

Annotation of SVG document

The annozilla project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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